Pavel Karmanov - GreenDNK Tatiana Grindenko & Opus Posth. Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory

Vladimir Martynov - Come In (parts 3, 4) Tatiana Grindenko, solo violin Ensemble Opus Posth

Vladimir Martynov - Spaces of latent utterance (2012) Vladimir Martynov - Spaces of latent utterance in DOM - 11-03-12

Pavel Karmanov - Twice a double concerto in Riga - European premiere Latvian National Symphony orchestra Sonductor - Normunds Sne The Great Guild Hall, Riga, Latvija

Alexander Vustin - In Memory Of Boris Klyuzner For baritone and string quartet, text by Yuri Olesha (1977). Performed by Vladimir Khachaturov

Pavel Karmanov - Twice a Double concerto 3-04-11 fine sound Olga Ivousheykova - baroque fluteMaria Chapurina - FlutePaolo Grazzi - baroque oboe Alexei Utkin

Petr Pospelov - Peter And The Wolf Two The sequel to the music tale by Sergei Prokofiev. Russian National Orchestra. Conductor Vladiclav

Tatiana Gerasimenok - The Smell of Roses (2015) "The Smell of Roses" (2015) for oboe solo Performer: Andrey Cholokyan

Petr Pospelov - The Grandson Of The Pirate - 7. Cabaletta Platforma Project. Vinzavod, 29.11.2013

- , Platforma Project. Vinzavod, 29.11.2013

The Road film by Alexei Khatyutin - music by Pavel Karmanov

Anton Batagov - John Cage lived at 6th Avenue and 18th Street Video by Alisa Naremontti. New York City 2012 This composition consists of a pre-recorded

Pavel Karmanov - THE WORD in BZF, St-Peterburg Youth chamber choir of St.Peterburg's Philharmonic society by Yulia Khutoretskaya. Pavel Karmanov - "SLOVO"

Anton Batagov - Bodhicharya-Avatara Voice: Telo Tulku Rinpoche, The Highest Lama of Kalmykh

Tatiana Gerasimenok - "Bohemian Algae" is the Sacred Ritual of the Holy Trinity. Preface: "The

Vladimir Nikolaev - Japan Fairy Tale Lyrics by Arseny Tarkovsky Anatoliy Gorev, vocal

Pavel Karmanov - Innerlichkeit - Photos by astronaut A_Skvortsov Pavel Karmanov - Innerlichkeit , Photos by astronaut A. Skvortsov Peter Aidu (Piano), Ivan

Petr Pospelov - The Grandson Of The Pirate - 1. Overture Platforma Project. Vinzavod, 29.11.2013

Leonid Desyatnikov - Moscow Nights Main theme from motion picture Arranged for violin and string ensemble by Roman Mints

Vladimir Tarnopolsky - Jenseits der Schatten Music performed by Ensemble musicFabrik, conducted by Wolfgang Lischke Singers: Sibylle Hummel, Eva